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About Our Classes & Nutrition Programs

Ceres offers a wide variety of classes to support you in making the connection between your health and the food and lifestyle factors that influence it. We teach at our program sites, local health care clinics and Sonoma and Marin County library branches. Many of these classes are free or offered on a sliding scale (choose what you feel comfortable paying).

Available Class Series & Nutrition Programs

Eat for Health Classes

At our program sites in Sonoma and Marin counties

Our Healing Foods Classes will inspire you with educational support and wellness strategies, taught by your favorite Ceres’ Chefs, our Nutrition Education Manager and leading health experts. Class topics include fermentation, broths, sauces/dips/spreads/dressing, sourdough breads, breakfast dishes and savory holiday gifts. Enjoy a cooking demonstration, hands-on learning, samples and take-home recipes during each class.

How to Register:

On our website, through our Upcoming Events & Orientation Calendar.

Where to View the Current Class list & Dates:

Our Upcoming Events & Orientation Calendar


Sliding Scale, pay $10-40. For active Ceres volunteers, it’s free!

Healthy Cooking Classes

At the Sonoma Valley Community Health Center

Learn cooking techniques and nutrition knowledge to support your heart, manage your blood sugar, revitalize your digestive power and to de-stress your life. You will also see our Teen Leaders in action, who will be teaching with our nutrition consultants at these classes. This class series is available in Spanish and English.

How to Register:

Call 939-6070#112 or email

Where to View the Current Class list & Dates:

Download the printable Healthy Cooking Class List or Follow our Facebook page for upcoming classes.



Healthy Living at Your Library

At Marin and Sonoma County Library Branches

These classes focus on health and wellness, with sessions for families, adults, teens and children. Class offerings change seasonally, with topics ranging from kids classes on Eating the Rainbow to strategizing how to make impactful changes in your diet. See our Teen Leaders in action — they’ll be teaching with our nutrition consultants at these classes.

How to Register:

On the respective library branches’ website. If you are signing up your child or teen, you may need to fill out a Waiver Form.

Where to View the Current Class list & Dates:

Follow our Facebook page for upcoming classes.



Friends and Family Dinner: Cooking with Your Clinic

At the Forestville Wellness Center

Join us for a group experience where we will learn, visit, cook, and eat dinner together! This Group Medical Visit is facilitated by a Nutrition Consultant from Ceres Community Project and a Medical Provider from the Forestville Wellness Center.

We believe that food is medicine, which can be simple, accessible, nutritious, and contribute greatly to your overall well-being. This 7-week series, offered to West County Health Centers’ patients, will inspire a renewed vision of your health, and provide foundational information on nutrition and how to create new habits, goal setting for success, meal ideas and planning!

All are welcome. Kids too!

How to Register:

You must be a patient at the Forest Wellness Center to enroll. If you are a patient at this client, please call the Forestville Wellness Center for more information and to set up a consultation with your medical provider before enrollment.

Where to View the Current Class list & Dates:

TBD. Come back for a downloadable PDF.


Sliding Scale. The Forest Wellness Center accepts most insurance, Medi-Care and Medi-Cal.

Healthy Cooking Habits Class for Ceres Clients

At our Sebastopol program site

For our clients who have finished their time on Ceres’ home-delivered meal program and are in treatment for cancer, we invite you to participate in this 4-week program combining a cooking class plus weekly delivery of fresh produce and recipes. Generously funded by North Bay Cancer Society.

Spend a Saturday afternoon at Ceres and learn simple ways to prepare healthy foods at home. You will…

- Learn important nutrition information
- Prepare two recipes to take home
- Receive groceries and fresh produce along with recipes to make at home
- Receive three additional weekly deliveries of organic produce

Who is eligible? Clients who have completed their meal delivery within the 9 months prior to the class date and who received meals due to a cancer diagnosis. Email to check your eligibility

How to Register:


Current Class Dates:

March 28, May 16, August 22, October 17




Amanda Newman-Crutcher
Ceres Nutrition Services & Education Manager



For more information, please contact or call

707·829·5833 ext 220

“I can’t tell you how important and life changing your class has been for me. You have provided me with a loving experience that has helped me so that I am now able to thrive and share information with my community.”

~ class participant

Now you can watch the Healing Foods Basics video online...

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