What We Do

Ceres Community Project energizes
communities by linking what we eat
and how we care for each other
with the health of people and planet.


Food as Medicine

We support primarily low-income people struggling because of a serious health challenge with free and low-cost, home-delivered, nourishing organic meals, nutrition education and the caring support of the community. Research shows healthy meal support is a low-cost “upstream” investment that significantly improves health outcomes and lowers health care costs. Our program reduces social isolation and leads to significant long-term changes in eating habits – which means healthier people and fewer illnesses in the future.

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Teen Empowerment

All the meals Ceres provides are prepared by youth ages 14 and up who volunteer in our ¾ acre food production garden and three commercial kitchen sites in Marin and Sonoma Counties. Ceres’ expert mentors give teens the opportunity to learn to cook and eat for health, gain the skills to be successful at school and work, develop leadership, become change-makers in their community, and discover the joy of giving back. The average youth works at Ceres for a year and many for much longer. Two youth serve as voting members on our board of directors and all of our youth are authentically engaged in planning and decision-making throughout our organization..

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Community Education

We educate the whole community about the vital importance of a diet based on healthy organic and locally-produced foods, and provide the knowledge, skills and inspiration for people to make and maintain real change in how they eat. We publish and distribute Nourishing Connections Cookbook, offer healthy eating classes for the community, partner with local community clinics to teach nutrition through our Nutrition for Wellness Program, offer catering featuring nutrient-rich, organic and locally grown whole foods, and actively work to educate our volunteers, donors and especially health professionals about the difference that whole organic foods can make for themselves and their patients.

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National Replication

Since 2010 community groups around the country inspired by our work have been reaching out and asking us to help them bring Ceres’ innovative model to their towns. Twelve communities, from Bay Village, Ohio and Nashville, Tennessee to Geneva, Illinois and Santa Cruz, California operate programs based on Ceres’ work. We offer a free Start-Up Tool Kit, a four-day training, and a licensing program for those interested in replication. Four-day trainings are held in our Sebastopol headquarters twice each year. We also support replication with an operations manual, customized database system, and regular conference calls to share expertise and technical assistance.

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