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Second Edition

The Second Edition features:

Nearly a dozen new recipes

An expansive index

Updated nutritional information

New soaking information for optimizing
nutritional value of grains, beans, nuts and seeds

Nourishing Connections Cookbook is the inspiring story of a how a community gathered its resources to creatively address a multitude of needs. The Ceres Community Project provides 93,000 beautiful, delicious and nourishing free meals each year to individuals and families living with a life-threatening illness such as cancer. The program's chefs are hundreds of teens from more than eighteen local schools. The young chefs gain culinary and leadership skills, knowledge, and the inspiration to make cooking and eating whole foods a part of their life.

The book's more than one hundred recipes represent those most loved by the Ceres Community Project's clients and all have been home tested by people living with serious illness. For those with limited energy, each recipe comes with suggestions for how to break down the preparation tasks into smaller steps over several days, as well as a wealth of suggestions for how to nourish your self well with almost no cooking.

Nourishing Connections Cookbook includes vital information for everyone about the link between what we eat and our health. The book includes a wealth of simple, practical suggestions about how to improve your own diet and a rich resource section of books, websites and specialty food sources to support your journey.



Authors Cathryn Couch and JoEllen DeNicola

What people are saying
about Nourishing Connections

What do you get when you combine one part inspired leadership, one part community participation and one part whole foods? A recipe for success! The Ceres Community Project's book Nourishing Connections: The Healing Power of Food & Community tells an inspired story about how a community comes together to educate and feed people with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses and nourishes all of us in the process. There is much wisdom and love to be found in these pages.

Rebecca Katz,
author of The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen: Nourishing, Big-Flavor Recipes for Cancer Treatment and Recovery, and One Bite at a Time: Nourishing Recipes for Cancer Survivors and Their Friends.

The Ceres Project continues to profoundly benefit cancer patients, their families, volunteers and our community. The expansion of their educational program in the creation of this wonderful recipe book, will allow many more people in need to benefit. We know that changing the “biological terrain” of our bodies can alter not only the course of cancer biology, but genetic expression itself. Food is truly our best medicine. Food prepared with love and joyfully shared adds a spiritual component and energy to our meals which, I believe, is the secret ingredient to true healing. Ceres Project, and this recipe book, embody these ancient truths. I am delighted to give a hearty endorsement!

Isaac Gabriel Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc.,
Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center
Sebastopol, CA

Nourishing Connections lives up to its title. It's full of good feeling, good food and a celebration of food, nature and life that will surely inspire all that ingest its recipes and healing message. The notion of cooking together for a purpose is profoundly satisfying. It is a form of prayer, intention and empowerment. One doesn't need a life threatening illness to eat well. May this special project and book reach the homes of millions near and far.

Edward Bauman, M.Ed., Ph.D.
Director, Bauman College:
Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts

For a person living with illness (and treatment), receiving meals from the Ceres Community Project is about so much more than getting a much needed break from cooking. The beautifully prepared, nutritious food is a reminder of our place in a larger ecology, a sign of our connection to the healing properties of plants, and to our communities. Their recipes, gathered in this beautiful cookbook, incorporate herbs in a safe, food-like fashion, allowing the body access to a host of disease-fighting and health-preserving phytochemicals. A plethora of emerging studies on the health-modulating properties of food and herbs substantiate and reflect what the Ceres Project is already doing with such care and zest.

Lily Mazzarella, MS
Clinical Herbalist, Nutrition Counselor

To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation is proud to have provided some of the seed money to launch The Ceres Community Project and its inspiring work. I have visited their kitchens and watched their enthusiastic teen volunteers at work—my favorite aspect of this program. I have talked to breast cancer patients using Ceres, who are so touched that the community cares and who feel so nurtured by the healthy meals provided. And I have taste-tested some of the recipes in this cookbook—enjoying the preparation with nutritious ingredients and feeling just a bit healthier after eating these flavor-filled dishes.

Chris Brettingen
Board President, To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation



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